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North East Bus and Coach Show
North East Bus and Coach Show
At the intu Metrocentre Coach Park

This event which will feature a selection of classic buses on display, trade stands and a free bus & coach service around the local area and to the Tanfield Railway.

This year there are three free bus services.

Service 1  Metrocentre - Newcastle - Metrocentre

MetroCentre Coach Park 1020 1120 1220 1320 1420 1520 1620
Newcastle Business Park
opp Dunston Staithes
1030 1130 1230 1330 1430 1530 1630
MetroCentre Coach Park 1040 1140 1240 1340 1440 1540 1640

Service 2  Metrocentre - Market Lane - Go North East Riverside Garage - Metrocentre
MetroCentre Coach Park 1040

Then at

10 40 1540
Market Lane 1047

these mins

17 47


Go North East Riverside Garage 1055


25 55 1555
MetroCentre Coach Park 1100

each hour

30 00 1600

Service 3  Metrocentre - Tanfield Railway - Metrocentre
MetroCentre Coach Park 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600
Tanfield Railway Terminus arrive 1120 1220 1320 1420 1520 1620
Tanfield Railway Terminus leave 1130 1230 1330 1430 1530 1645
MetroCentre Coach Park 1150 1250 1350 1450 1550 1705

To travel to the event by public transport catch any bus or rail service serving the Metrocentre and walk over the footbridge to the intu Metrocentre Coach Park.

For additional information on the location of the intu Metrocentre Coach Park, click here

Sunday 4th May 2014
Time 10:00 AM

RegPhotoYearMakeExhibitor History
MV 8996MV 89961931Bedford WLB Duple C20F North East Bus Preservation Trust Ltd Originally a demonstrator for the coachbuilder, Duple, this vehicle passed to Howard of West Byfleet, and later to Teesdale of Lincoln for preservation. Purchased by Gerald Cox of Durham and eventually to the late Chris Moyes of Durham. Now in the care of NEBPT.
HHN 202HHN 2021947Bristol L5G with Eastern Coachworks single-deck bus body.David Slater The bus was new to United in the summer of 1947, with fleet number BLO 202. It was allocated to subsidiary company Bell's Services of Westerhope, Newcastle carrying the standard red and cream livery. Next, in 1951, it was returned to the main United fleet as BG 216. In 1959, the bus was transferred from United to subsidiary company Durham District Services, with whom it ran in green and cream livery, numbered DB 216. It was sold for preservation in 1968.
NVK 341NVK 3411950AEC Regent III 9612a NCB H30/26RDavid Slater AEC Regent III with Northern Coachbuilders, was new as Newcastle Corporation 341 in 1950.
304 GHN304 GHN1958Bristol LS6G ECW C39F Aycliffe & District Bus Preservation Society Delivered on 1st June 1958 to United Automobile Services Ltd this was one of 5 bought for extended tours and designed to carry 34 passengers in luxury. Between 1958 & 1961 the coach was used on United's prestigious extended week long tours. It was then reseated from 34 recliners to 39 fixed coach seats and used on summertime day trips from Scarborough and occasional long distance service work. In 1971 it was bought by Morris Brothers of Swansea and by 1974 it had moved on to Newquay in Cornwall. We believe that after about 1978 the coach was laid up and never turned a wheel until purchased for preservation by lan Hunter of Leeds, who realised its unique place in the history of United. Following a successful Heritage Lottery Fund application by Aycliffe and District Bus Preservation Society the restoration of the vehicle commenced in March 2000 and was completed in 2012.
YPT 796YPT 7961958AEC Reliance MU3RV, Roe C41CMartyn Callaghan New to E W Wilson (Economic) as No.3. Acquired by Tyne & Wear PTE in Jan 1975 but disposed of immediately to North's at Sherburn in Elmet. Saw further service with a traveller, complete with coal fire, before being saved for preservation. Restored by Alan And John Purvis. Now owned by Martyn Callaghan from Hemingfield, near Barnsley.
382 VPU1961Ford Consul Mk2Edward J Weightman Featured in the 1962 film "Jigsaw" driven by Jack Warner (Dixon of Dock Green) who takes the part of a detective inspector
6249 UP6249 UP1963Leyland Leopard PSU3/3RT, Alexander DP51FGordon Noble New to Venture Transport as fleet no. 249, passing to Northern as 2830, later 4264. Withdrawn in 1980 and sold to APT, Lincoln. Purchased by the late Michael Reed and partly restored. Completely restored to as-new condition over a couple of years.
ACK 611A1963Jaguar MK2John Barker
EUP 405BEUP 405B1964AEC Routemaster 3R2RH, Park Royal H41/31FDavid Slater New to Northern General as fleet no. 2105; one of only 50 built for use outside London; used for medium-distance services until preserved in 1980. Restored in the original livery in which it entered service.
LCU 112LCU 1121964Daimler CCG6 with Roe double-deck body. 140 Group The bus appeared in the 1964 Earls Court Motor Show. It is a hybrid of Daimler chassis and Guy driveline with Gardner engine. It has appeared in a Tesco advert. The vehicle was new to South Shields Corporation as No 140. On withdrawal, it was retained by Busways and later Stagecoach, and has been maintained by the 140 Group for 32 years. It has been in preservation longer than it was in service. The only double decker remaining in South Shields.
PCN 762PCN 7621964AEC Routemaster Park Royal H41/31F North East Bus Preservation Trust Ltd This bus was one of 50 AEC-Park Royal front entrance Routemasters that were new to NGT, fitted with Leyland 0.600 engines. Originally registered RCN 699.It passed to Stevenson's of Uttoxeter, then to Stagecoach for use on Magicbus routes in Glasgow, reregistered as EDS 508B, and by then powered by an AEC engine. Re-purchased by Northern, passing to the late Chris Moyes OBE and given registration mark PCN 762. Now in the care of NEBPT.
WBR 248WBR 2481964Atkinson Alpha with Gardner 6HLW engine and Marshall 48-seat single-deck body. North East Bus Preservation Trust Ltd No. 48 in the Sunderland Corporation fleet was one of a batch of three Atkinson chassis, which were to be the last Atkinson passenger chassis to enter service in this country in 1964. Atkinson was better known for its lorry chassis and the company were approached by Sunderland to build these vehicles after unsatisfactory performance from the Corporation's AEC Reliances. The vehicles had Gardner 6HLW engines mounted horizontally underfloor. The bodies were by Marshall to the contemporary B.E.T. specification, similar to other local vehicles at the time. The twin-door bodies were specified to operate on the Pay-As-You-Enter system. The steps into the saloon were very high, compared to the low-floor buses of today. Seating capacity was only 45 due to the dual door layout.
HPO 986C1965Morris LD AmbulanceAlan Griffiths Body by Wadham Stringer. Ex Sussex County Ambulance Service. Bought several years ago as a converted camper & restored to accident ambulance spec. Powered by BMC 2.2 petrol engine. This ambulance has appeared on several TV shows over the years.
ECU 201EECU 201E1967Bristol RESL6L with Eastern Coachworks bodyPhil Logie This bus was the first Leyland-engined Bristol RE to be delivered to a non-Tilling operator. It was sold by Busways in 1977 for service with a succession of further operators before reacquisition in 1988. It has been preserved since 1998.
SMK 686FSMK 686F1967AEC Routemaster Park Royal H40/32RTed Jones New to London Transport as RML 2686, one of the last batch of RML's in service and latterly run by Arriva until the demise of RM operation in London. The bus was refurbished some years ago and was fitted with a Cummins engine, bought by Cooper of Annitsford, Northumberland, and acquired from them by present owner in 2005 after driving it up from London. On going restoration to its 1968 looks.
OAX 9FOAX 9F1968Bristol RELH series II with Leyland O.680 engine and ECW C41 coachwork.Jonathan Radley Bristol RELH series II with Leyland O.680 engine and ECW C41 coachwork. New to Red & White Services of Chepstow in March 1968 and used on their holiday, tours Associated Motoways express services. Withdrawn July 1983 and been in preservation since
VHN 527GVHN 527G1968Daimler Fleetline SRG6LW-33 Roe B43DMr & Mrs D. A. Yates First operated by Darlington Transport in 1968. One of their first batch of Fleetline Saloons as part of a conversion to one person operation. Purchased in 1983 by the present owners for preservation.
THU 354GTHU 354G1969Bristol RESL6L with Eastern Coachworks 43-seat front-entrance bus bodywork.Malcolm Hodgson This bus has had two periods of service life and two of preservation. It began work for Bristol Omnibus and ran until 1992; it was preserved until 1997; then ran for Northern Bus, Sheffield, until again preserved from 1997. New to Bristol Omnibus Co. Last survivor of this design of ECW body on 33' chassis. Having been rallied for past 16 years in various 'Bristol Omnibus' liveries, this bus has recently undergone further restoration and been re-painted into 1960s Tilling Red to represent a similar United Automobile Services vehicle long departed XHN 938G.
VJI 8684VJI 86841970Leyland Leopard PSU3A/4RJohn Atkin New as WHA236H to Midland Red with Plaxton Panarama bodywork. Withdrawn 1979, sold to Maynes Group, Manchester. Rebuilt during 1981 and fitted with new Plaxton Supreme bodywork. Chassis replated to 1982 registration WHA 236H, SNC 366X, UCE 665, VJI 8684
JAJ 293NJAJ 293N1975Bristol RELL6L ECW B46DJames Nielsen Single Deck Dual Door Bristol RE, ex Hartlepool Borough Transport. Operated in Service from May 1975 to November 1997, when it was withdrawn by Stagecoach. Last RE to operate in the town and the last bus in Hartlepool Maroon & Cream Livery
KTT 42PKTT 42P1975Bristol LH6LVincent Nelson Former Devon General bus now preserved in the North East
PRA 109RPRA 109R1976Leyland Leopard single-deck dual purpose. Alexander T type 49 seat bodywork Chesterfield 123 Preservation Group (Dennis Vickers) Leyland Leopard single-deck dual purpose. Alexander T type 49 seat bodywork. Preserved in Chesterfield Transport blue and yellow livery
RGF 231PRGF 231P1976Bristol LHS6L with Plaxton C33F bodyworkMichael Burke The vehicle was new to Epsom Coaches in 1976 then to G E Sykes of Appleton Roebuck near York. It was acquired by the current owner in 2003.
ESC 847SESC 847S1978Seddon Pennine VII with Alexander Y-type body.Robert Carlyle Ex Eastern and Lowland Scottish. Allocated to Edinburgh in June 1978, then to Dunbar, transferred to Lowland 1986. Sold in 1988 to Red Bus service . Bought for preservation 2006.
JKH 194VJKH 194V1979Leyland Leopard/Plaxton Supreme C53FTony Hull Plaxton Supreme IV bodywork, ex National Express (East Yorkshire). It then went to Cherry Coaches of Hull, before returning to East Yorkshire Motor Services, it spent some it's later years with Lee's of Durham, Classic of Annfield Plain, and Scarlet Band Coaches all in the Durham area, before being preserved by the present owner Mr Tony Hull.
EJR 111WEJR 111W1980Leyland Atlantean AN68C/2R with Alexander double-deck body. Treble One Group (M Mackenzie) New to Tyne and Wear PTE in 1981; it passed to Busways in 1986. It worked first at City Busways from Byker then most of its time at Slatyford on Fastline services. It had brief spells on Magicbus and at Sunderland and ended up at Stagecoach Transit from where it was bought by the Treble-one Group in 2004. It is restored in Newcastle Busways livery.
FTN 710WFTN 710W1981Leyland National 2 B49F. Repowered with Volvo THD100E engine and Voith 851.2 3 speed gearbox Northern National Restoration Group (Craig Smith) New to Philadelphia Depot of NBC Northern in June 1981. FTN 710W is one of only 5 National 2/2's to stay in the Wear District all her PSV life and spent most of her life there running the 194/294. After her withdrawal from Deptford in 2002 she was used as a driver trainer at Gateshead Depot until 2006. In 2006 4710 was donated to the NEBPT by Go Ahead CEO Christopher Moyes. After restoration 4710 was rolled out at the MetroCentre event in 2008. After that years season 4710 was mothballed until her sale in 2013 to the Northern National Restoration Group. She made her first NNRG outing at the 2013 Metrocenter event and has been on the road ever since apart from during the COVID pandemic. This year 4710 took part in the National 50 event at Whitehaven by the kind invitation from our Friends, The Workington Transport Hertitage Trust.
KSX 102XKSX 102X1982Leyland National 2 Lothian Bus Consortium (Calum Welsh) Fleet number 102 in the LRT / Lothian buses fleet from 1982 until 2004.
A216 BJRA216 BJR1983Leyland Tiger TRC TL11/3RH Duple Laser 2 C57FIan Plumley New to Bissett(Primrose Coaches)of Ryton upon Tyne in 1983 as the company silver jubilee vehicle. Later operated by Tyne Valley Motor Services, Hexham. Extensively restored during 2013 and re entered service as an active PSV with Primrose of Hexham.
KVJ 291YKVJ 291Y1983Bedford CF/Plaxton C18FAlan Dixon New to Leo Hill's "Ace Private Hire" in Hereford and later operated by Blue Line as their fleet number 4
UTN 501YUTN 501Y1983MCW Metrobus Mark 2, ex Northern 3501 with MCW bodywork H46/31FLee Garrett New on the 12th June 1983, as the first Mark 2 Metrobus to be delivered to Northern and also the National Bus Company. Delivered in NBC poppy red, this vehicle was one of only 12 Metrobuses painted in this livery from new. 3501's first depot allocation was Chester le Street, and moved to Murton Depot after a year at it's previous depot, remained here until Murton closed. 3501 was withdrawn in 2000, and after restored won the best 1980's double decker award at Showbus Rally in Duxford in 2009. The bus is powered by Gardner engine linked to a 4 speed Voith gearbox. The vehicle is fully restored in "as new" condition. The bus was withdrawn fifteen years ago and has been in preservation with its current owner ever since.
F805 FAOF805 FAO1988Leyland Olympian/Alexander new to Carlisle Carlisle Bus Group (Lee Paul Wardle) This bus was new in September 1988 to Stagecoach Cumberland. It was the third bus that Stagecoach bought for Carlisle and one of the first of its type in the country. Upon arrival, the double-decker bus was given the fleet number of 1005 and carried the iconic Stagecoach 'Stripes' livery. 1005 was part of a batch of nine vehicles of the same type which started life at Stagecoach Cumberland's Carlisle depot, where they were mainly purchased for use on the city network of services. In early May 2010, the vehicle was painted into a heritage cms Cumberland livery, in time for the annual Stagecoach North West Open Day which took place at Carlisle depot. Sadly on 20th September 2012 it received minor accident damage while in service with Kendal depot, and with the return of Olympic-loaned vehicles, it resulted in its final withdrawal from service. The vehicle was subsequently transferred up to Carlisle depot for storage, ironically where it all started twenty-four years previously. The Olympian sat at Carlisle pending disposal from the group. Throughout September, October and November the newly formed Carlisle Bus group negotiated with Stagecoach to purchase 1005, and finally in December got the green light and received the paperwork which passed the ownership of 1005 to Carlisle Bus for onward preservation. It has since received full restoration.
K723 PNLK723 PNL1992Dennis Dart 9.8SDL Alexander Dash B40F Trevor Hines This vehicle was the first of a batch of six new buses 1723 - 1728 (K723 PNL - K728 PNL) delivered to Sunderland Busways in 1993. It was named 'CITY OF SUNDERLAND' to commemorate the granting of City Status in 1992 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the 40th anniversary of her accession to the throne.
SED 2322000Plaxton Cheetah bodied Mercedes 0814D Harrogate Transport Touring Society (Ian Winchester) This vehicle is owned by Thornes Independent Ltd, Hemingbrough, Selby and has been hired by Harrogate Transport Touring Society for a tour to the Metrocentre Rally