An error occurred executing the following query;

SELECT e.SWIT_Busevent_Entry, b.SWIT_Bus_Id as BusId, ifnull(b.SWIT_Bus_Reg,'') as Reg, ifnull(b.SWIT_Bus_Year,'') as Year, ifnull(b.SWIT_Bus_Type,'') as VType, ifnull(b.SWIT_Bus_Chassis,'') as Chassis, ifnull(b.SWIT_Bus_Body,'') as Body, ifnull(b.SWIT_Bus_SDesc,'') as SDesc, ifnull(b.SWIT_Bus_LDesc,'') as History, ifnull(b.SWIT_Bus_Thumbnail,'') as Buspicture from tblswitcmsbus b, tblswitcmsbusevent e where e.SWIT_Busevent_Event = 94 and e.SWIT_Busevent_Bus = b.SWIT_Bus_Id order by 1, 4, 3

Error Description :

[MySQL][ODBC 3.51 Driver][mysqld-5.1.66-community]Lost connection to MySQL server during query

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