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Sunday 19 May 2024  

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Durham Vintage Bus Gathering - Cancelled
Sunday 16th June

At Howlands Park and Ride site

Seaburn Historic Vehicle Display
Monday 26th August
Time 10:00 AM
At the Recreation Ground

Durham Vintage Bus Gathering
Durham Vintage Bus Gathering
At Howlands Park and Ride site

This event will feature a selection of classic buses on display, trade stands and a free bus service between Howlands Park and Ride site and Durham City Centre

Howlands - Dep 1015


30 45 00 15 1530
Durham Millburngate - Arr 1027


42 57 12 27 Until 1542
Durham Millburngate - Dep 1030


45 00 15 30 1545
Howlands - Arr 1042


57 12 27 42 1557

To travel to the event by public transport catch any bus service to Durham City Centre and catch the free bus service from outside the bus station to the site.

For additional information on the location of Howlands Park and Ride site, click here

To assist us with the planning of our events please enter your vehicle prior to the event, rather than just turning up on the day. To enter a vehicle for this event click here
Sunday 18th June 2023
Time 10:00 AM

RegPhotoYearMakeExhibitor History
GR 9007GR 90071947Crossley DD42/3 Crossley H30/26R North East Bus Preservation Trust Ltd This vehicle entered traffic on 2nd April 1947 and was based at Hylton Road depot, Sunderland. From the mid 50's this batch was generally used for peak time journeys, football specials, etc. No 13 survived in Sunderland, when withdrawn in 1962 with No 100 as mobile polling booths until bought by dealer Lister of Bolton in 1972. It was sold to 'Crossley' enthusiast Norman Myres of Bolton, subsequently moving to the St Helens transport museum. When purchased by John Jackson in 1999 it was in a dreadful state. On 8th May 99 the vehicle was moved from St Helens to Wormingford, Essex, where restoration got underway in 2000. Once back at Wormingford John enlisted former Crossley engineer Tony Melia to help him. They carried out a remarkable restoration and No 13 returned to the road in 2007. After John's passing his sister kindly offered the vehicle to the Trust, making its North East debut at the Seaburn Historic Vehicle Display on August Bank Holiday Monday 2021.
304 GHN304 GHN1958Bristol LS6G ECW C39F Aycliffe & District Bus Preservation Society Delivered on 1st June 1958 to United Automobile Services Ltd this was one of 5 bought for extended tours and designed to carry 34 passengers in luxury. Between 1958 & 1961 the coach was used on United's prestigious extended week long tours. It was then reseated from 34 recliners to 39 fixed coach seats and used on summertime day trips from Scarborough and occasional long distance service work. In 1971 it was bought by Morris Brothers of Swansea and by 1974 it had moved on to Newquay in Cornwall. We believe that after about 1978 the coach was laid up and never turned a wheel until purchased for preservation by lan Hunter of Leeds, who realised its unique place in the history of United. Following a successful Heritage Lottery Fund application by Aycliffe and District Bus Preservation Society the restoration of the vehicle commenced in March 2000 and was completed in 2012.
221 JVK221 JVK1961Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 with Alexander double-deck body.David Slater The bus was new to Newcastle Corporation and was operated until 1977. It was bought for preservation by the Four to One Group, who carried out much work on it. It later passed to Jimmy Storey who completed the restoration work.
6249 UP6249 UP1963Leyland Leopard PSU3/3RT, Alexander DP51FGordon Noble New to Venture Transport as fleet no. 249, passing to Northern as 2830, later 4264. Withdrawn in 1980 and sold to APT, Lincoln. Purchased by the late Michael Reed and partly restored. Completely restored to as-new condition over a couple of years.
LCU 112LCU 1121964Daimler CCG6 with Roe double-deck body. 140 Group The bus appeared in the 1964 Earls Court Motor Show. It is a hybrid of Daimler chassis and Guy driveline with Gardner engine. It has appeared in a Tesco advert. The vehicle was new to South Shields Corporation as No 140. On withdrawal, it was retained by Busways and later Stagecoach, and has been maintained by the 140 Group for 32 years. It has been in preservation longer than it was in service. The only double decker remaining in South Shields.
WBR 248WBR 2481964Atkinson Alpha with Gardner 6HLW engine and Marshall 48-seat single-deck body. North East Bus Preservation Trust Ltd No. 48 in the Sunderland Corporation fleet was one of a batch of three Atkinson chassis, which were to be the last Atkinson passenger chassis to enter service in this country in 1964. Atkinson was better known for its lorry chassis and the company were approached by Sunderland to build these vehicles after unsatisfactory performance from the Corporation's AEC Reliances. The vehicles had Gardner 6HLW engines mounted horizontally underfloor. The bodies were by Marshall to the contemporary B.E.T. specification, similar to other local vehicles at the time. The twin-door bodies were specified to operate on the Pay-As-You-Enter system. The steps into the saloon were very high, compared to the low-floor buses of today. Seating capacity was only 45 due to the dual door layout.
JJD 551DJJD 551D1966AEC Routemaster Park Royal H40/32RSteve Griffin This Routemaster entered service as London Transport RML2551 in 1966, initially on route 6, and after refurbishment on route 12. Refurbishment was of both interior and of the driveline, when a Cummins engine replaced the AEC original. The current owner intends to preserve it with its route 12 branding.
KBB 118DKBB 118D1966Leyland Atlantean MCCW O44/34F North East Bus Preservation Trust Ltd This vehicle was delivered to Newcastle Corporation Transport in 1966 as fleet number 118 and transferred to Tyneside PTE on 1st January 1970. It was rebuilt to O44/34F in May 1974 for use at South Shields and Renumbered 218 in July 1974. In 1977 it was painted into Silver Jubilee livery, which it carried when used for transporting Muhammed Ali around the North East in July 1977. It was Withdrawn and sold to Galway Tours, High Ryan, Moycullen, Co. Galway, date unknown (c.2000). Operated on sightseeing tours in Galway, Ireland, with registration number ZV 1510. Last operated April 2004. Kindly donated to NEBPT by Galway Tours owner, Michael Healy in August 2006. We were delighted to secure Awards for All England funding from the Big Lottery Fund which enabled KBB to be professionally restored.
GBB 516KGBB 516K1972Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 Alexander H48/30DDavid Warren Fleet Number: 680 Body Number: AR J40/2369/9 New: June 1972 History of Tyneside PTE Leyland Atlantean GBB 516K Introduction. In June 1972, the Leyland Atlantean 680, with registration number GBB 516K, was introduced to the Tyneside PTE as part of a fleet of 25 long wheelbase PDR2 Atlanteans. This iconic bus became a familiar sight on the streets of Newcastle, operating out of Byker depot. A Journey Through Time. The Leyland Atlantean 680, affectionately known as GBB 516K, served the Tyneside PTE faithfully for nearly a decade before embarking on a new chapter in its illustrious history. In 1981, along with fifteen of its counterparts, 680 was sold to the Isle of Man National Transport Company, where it was re-registered as N875 MAN and given the fleet number 65. Why was the Leyland Atlantean 680 sold to the Isle of Man? The decision to sell 680 and its fellow Atlanteans to the Isle of Man was driven by the need for newer, more advanced buses on the streets of Tyneside. The Isle of Man provided a new home for these iconic vehicles, where they continued to serve the community for another four years. What happened to the Leyland Atlantean 680 on the Isle of Man? During its time on the Isle of Man, 680 saw service as a reliable mode of transportation before being replaced by the newer AN68 Atlanteans. While some of its counterparts returned to the UK mainland or met their demise, 680 found a new purpose as a racing support vehicle at the Jurby Racetrack, where it remained for fifteen years. How was the Leyland Atlantean 680 preserved? Despite being earmarked for scrap, 680 was saved by local enthusiasts on the Isle of Man who recognized its historical significance. The bus was purchased, stored, and eventually restored to its original Tyneside PTE livery. On May 3rd, 2003, 680 made its triumphant return to the Northeast, where it has been a prominent feature at various classic vehicle displays. It was repainted in 2017. Present Day: The Legacy of Leyland Atlantean 680 The Warren family acquired ownership of the Leyland Atlantean 680 in November 2018, ushering in a new era of preservation and appreciation for this iconic bus. A great deal of cosmetic and mechanical work has been carried out on the vehicle, complementing the 2017 repaint and restoring it to its former glory and ensuring its continued presence at local events. For enthusiasts and historians alike, the Leyland Atlantean 680 serves as a tangible link to the rich history of public transportation in the Tyneside area. Its journey from everyday commuter bus to beloved classic vehicle is a testament to the passion and dedication of those who recognize the value of preserving our transportation heritage.
FTN 710WFTN 710W1981Leyland National 2 B49F. Repowered with Volvo THD100E engine and Voith 851.2 3 speed gearbox Northern National Restoration Group (Craig Smith) New to Philadelphia Depot of NBC Northern in June 1981. FTN 710W is one of only 5 National 2/2's to stay in the Wear District all her PSV life and spent most of her life there running the 194/294. After her withdrawal from Deptford in 2002 she was used as a driver trainer at Gateshead Depot until 2006. In 2006 4710 was donated to the NEBPT by Go Ahead CEO Christopher Moyes. After restoration 4710 was rolled out at the MetroCentre event in 2008. After that years season 4710 was mothballed until her sale in 2013 to the Northern National Restoration Group. She made her first NNRG outing at the 2013 Metrocenter event and has been on the road ever since apart from during the COVID pandemic. This year 4710 took part in the National 50 event at Whitehaven by the kind invitation from our Friends, The Workington Transport Hertitage Trust.
G251 SRGG251 SRG1989DAF SB220 Optare Delta.Mick Rochford Optare Delta 251 was the first of a batch of four vehicles (251 to 254) ordered by Northumbria Motor Services Ltd of Newcastle upon Tyne on the 4th of July 1989 251 was delivered to Northumbria in October 1989 after it appeared in the Bus & Coach Show at the N.E.C. It then travelled to France & Holland with the Directors & Senior Managers at the end of November 1989. Originally based at Gallowgate depot, 251 worked out of most of the Northumbria depots at some time in her life before the sale of the Company to British Bus then ultimately Cowies (Arriva) Ironically on the 15th of January 1998 251 became the first bus to be painted in Arriva livery! Between the 11th of January 2006 and the 21st of September 2008 251 was expertly restored by Gardiners of Spennymoor before making her debut at Showbus 2008.
K723 PNLK723 PNL1992Dennis Dart 9.8SDL Alexander Dash B40F Trevor Hines This vehicle was the first of a batch of six new buses 1723 - 1728 (K723 PNL - K728 PNL) delivered to Sunderland Busways in 1993. It was named 'CITY OF SUNDERLAND' to commemorate the granting of City Status in 1992 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the 40th anniversary of her accession to the throne.
NK03 XJH2003MAN 18:220HOCL Alexander ALX300 A-Line Coaches
SN58 BYS2008Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse Urban A-Line Coaches
P600 ACTP600 ACT2009Mercedes Tourismo which is used on tours and private hires. Seating is C51F Chris Cooper Travel This Mercedes was one of three in the Chris Cooper Travel fleet. These vehicles are for tours and private hires.